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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Limegreen — Organic Soap Trio

As some of you may already know, I am a devoted handmade bath & body user and advocate. Lately I have been finding myself gravitating towards organic soaps with aroma therapeutic benefits. Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate a good old bar of handmade soap scented with carefully selected phthalate free fragrance oils because some of my favorite scents just cannot be found in nature. While scouring the Internet I discovered Limegreen, a soap maker right over in Brooklyn, NY. Owner Talima Davis and her scent combos made my mouth water. Just follow the link Limegreen — Organic Soap Trio: and check out her organic soap treats. She also makes a 5.1oz laundry soap bar that you chop up or grate and add baking soda and borax to the boiling water, mix, and make 5 gallons of laundry soap that is eco-friendly. She also makes hand poured soy wax candles. Lastly she offers a linen and room spray containing eucalyptis and tea tree oils which are antibacterial and antimicrobial to kill bacteria. This works on all different applications from cleaning to freshening the air and is skin safe. I ordered the organic soap trio priced at $29.00 on sale for $24.00. The ingredients listed are organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic castor oil, vegetable glycerin, and of course the all important essential oils. The trio consists of: Lavandula-a light and floral scent consisting of Lavender essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil, and Cedarwood essential oil. Then there is Poppy-a sweet vanilla scent with a citrus back ground consisting of organic sweet Orange essential oil which I was a bit disappointed in because all I smelled was citrus, no vanilla at all. Lastly, Lotus-Patchouli essential oil, and Ginger essential oil, this scent was borderline for me, as I am a patchouli lover and didn't really detect much patchouli. Now, their bars redeemed themselves by producing abundant, silky, soft mounds of lather, I have to admit a lot more than I expected however with coconut oil being listed as the first ingredient, it's no surprise the lather was so abundant. Coconut oil is used in soapmaking for it's ability to create lofty, big bubbles. Much to my dismay I found out Ms. Davis is revamping her formula, and I say dismay because I wish I had gotten the new formulation. Adding additional essential oils which bummed me out a bit that I had gotten the old formulation. When I first received the soaps which took longer than it should have coming from Brooklyn, I tore into the package and found the soaps to be quite soft to the touch buckling under the pressure of my finger pressing on it. I took Poppy into the shower with me and found the bar melts rather quickly. The soaps however did leave my skin very soft. The presentation of the soaps themselves were simple and to the point and yet somewhat charming with wax paper wrapped around the soap and sealed with a white sticker containing all the information on the soaps. So here's the rundown on the soaps on a five point scale......
1) Presentation-3/5 practical yet cute
2) Performance 4/5 mounds of luscious lather
3) Longevity 2/5 as it melts rather quickly
4) Scent 2/5 this is where I was most disappointed as nothing smelled like I imagined from the scent description
Overall, I would like to try and give Limegreen another chance after the reformulated soap is available. With the addition of other oils and revamped fragrances perhaps it will change my mind and in turn score higher but if the formulation stayed the same, which I must admit has delightfully creamy lather which leaves my skin very soft......I just can't make sense of paying upwards of $8.00 a bar for something that lasts two weeks at the most. Limegreen needs to lower their prices and perhaps add babassu oil, sustainably harvested palm oil, and/or cocoa butter to harden the bar so it lasts longer. Bottom line, creamy dreamy lather that leaves my skin silky but sadly the bar is so soft it does not last long at all.