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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Calling all insomniacs like yours truly!

Lovey, the Lavender Lamb, IsabellaCatalog.com A natural way to fall asleep or calm down and relax. Cuddle with this adorable little lamb and moms, don't forget to get one for the kids too. I have the WORST insomnia in the world and aromatherapy helps miraculously. When my nerves get frayed I whip out my essential oils, and they really do help. However I find they won't work unless you LET THEM. Bottom line. Away from home and need a wonderful, portable roller? For one of the BEST lavender oils I have ever smelled head to Daybreak Lavender Farm for one of their aroma synergies. To relax, Daybreak's lavender is a synergy of a secret blend of 5 different essential oils from different lavender plants as there is quite a few types of lavender and Daybreak nails it with their house blend. However for sleep I personally use and advise as they do to get the Mysore sandalwood which is blended with a touch of luxurious Rose Otto. This will send you off to sleep with a smile as Mysore sandalwood is the best in the world & a rare commodity. http://www.daybreaklavenderfarm.com/store/AromaSynergies-pr-16687-c-400.html . I swear by these along with every single one of their products because I am literally obsessed with this company!!!! The handmade soaps, creams, and lotions are beyond decadent. The skincare systems are phenomenal. This indie company does everything first class, and everything is made from scratch. Yes, the prices are expensive but they use the best ingredients and don't skimp.....ever. I will order from Daybreak as long as they are around. I know a LOT about handmade soaps and they are simply one of the best out there. For a relaxing shower purchase one of their Blooming Aromasoap bars in Fresh Lavender. The name is such because the aroma blooms with the heat of your shower and fills the entire bathroom. Aside from aromatherapy benefits I love these for the skin loving ingredients which are high lathering and moisturizing as these soaps contain 11% unrefined shea butter as well as cocoa butter. Daybreak also has a line of 33% shea butter soaps, yes 33%!!!!!! There are even goat milk soaps in the 33% shea butter line. Could your skin love you more? Daybreak Lavender farm makes some of the most luxuriant handcrafted soaps and are a favorite indie bath & body company of mine. One of my top 3 go to soapmakers and I've tried TONS of different artisans. If you love lavender as much as I do, you will fall head over heels for Daybreak Lavender Farms. Sweet dreams and happy bathing my darlings. XOXO

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