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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Urban Decay Palette Preen Shadow Box

I have been in love with Urban Decay since it's debut 15 years ago......back when I was a skater girl, a raver, you can see where I am going with this, and Urban Decay was the perfect cosmetic line for me. Fast forward to today and I still absolutely love this line as I have grown up with it. They have the most beautiful yet edgy colors. The perfect makeup line to make whatever statement I wish. I love the loud, shimmery duo chrome colors. Silky, blendable, and lasting. I was lucky enough to obtain the Preen Shadow Box on sale. Beautiful packaging that comes with a travel sized primer, which I consider essential to prep the eyes to really make the shadows pop. This palette also comes with a 24/7 eye pencil in Zero which is a black that glides onto the eyelid like no other pencil before. The color combinations are also endless. The shadows in this box contain Snatch, an iridescent golden peach.
To complement Snatch is Painkiller, a beautiful peacock teal blue
Next on the palette is Mildew, a medium/dark shimmering green that is one of my favorites!
To complement Mildew is Smog, a coppery bronze which pairs beautifully with Mildew!
Being a freak for purple colors, to my excitement is Flash, which I am crazy over, I also like to pair Flash with Mildew. Flash is a medium iridescent purple.
Lastly the palette contains Toasted, a coppery, golden brown, peach color which coordinates with Flash.
Here is a picture of the palette as a whole..........

Now here are the swatches which I used Urban Decay primer with......
Snatch & Painkiller
The eyeliner down the middle is in Zero which I cannot get over how it just glides over the skin and has staying power from hell! I would love to play with them on my eyes and post pictures but am recovering from major back surgery and cannot stand in front of a mirror to do my makeup :o( When I am better though I promise to play around, take pictures and share them with all of you! XOXO Stay beautiful my darlings ;o)
The pictures I promised using Preen after being able to move after surgery :D

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