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Friday, March 9, 2012

B. Kamins Laboratories

My current arsenal of skincare by B. Kamins Laboritories

1 of my favorite Masks & Skincare lines

Aaahhh, B. Kamins Laboritories.....I've been eyeing this skincare company for a decade, a skincare line formulated around the power of the Maple intrigued me. However, being 24 back then I didn't really need serious anti-aging skincare products, I was already blessed with good skin and genetics. Fast forward to 34 INTERVENTION TIME! Haha! See I have a problem, I love trying new skincare products even if the current one I'm using is spectacular. Yes, always thinking the grass is greener on the other side ;). However, I am hella glad I made the switch! I have combination skin so I can use either creams or lotions depending on the season.....yay me! Since gorgeous skin is all about early prevention and I still am blessed with the skin of a 20 something, darlings it was time for me to take the splurge! Because of my monthly monster and the little monster that tries to pop up on my face during that time, I opted for the Clear Skin Purifying cleanser and toner and it works!!!!! I love the subtle tingle from the cleanser. After washing I also exfoliate with the Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher at night. I also of course give myself a mini-facial 3 times a week, essentially simply slapping a mask on my mug. I haven't had the pleasure of trying B. Kamin's yet, however I am head over heels for Ole Henriksen's Firming Mask, which I will also note is another spectacular line. I also do have an affection for the fresh masks made by Lush if you are lucky enough as well to live near one. No more monthly blemish for me :D As for treatment I opted for the Glycolic 10 and alternate with the Renewal Serum to apply under my Day Cream w/SPF 15 or Night Moisturizer. These two gems erase all the naughty sunbathing, and tanning bed days. Drinking, and smoking, all the offenses we waged on our skin during our reckless youth. Since using these for just 2 weeks my pores seemed to have disappeared, my freckles from sunbathing have lightened tremendously and my skin looks as though it's lit from within. As for the moisturizers I use the Day Cream SPF 15 with anti-aging properties of course which is fabulous for the winter since it is on  the heavy side which I have to apply with a very light hand as it does take a while to sink into my combo skin. With warmer days coming up I also have the Day Lotion SPF 15 which my skin sucks right in. At bedtime I use the Night Cream formulated for all skin types which though it feels it never sinks into my skin leaves it looking and feeling fabulous upon waking. Last but not least the eye cream. I opted for the heavier formula which is creamy, dreamy, and VERY moisturizing. So bottom line I am liking the results from these products formulated with all the good juju from the mighty Maple tree, ha. I could go on and on about the benefits and results however my darlings it's quite late and I need my rest, I wish I could say beauty sleep but it's mommy sleep haha! Bottom line, B. Kamin's Laboratory makes a great line. Just a note for those who suffer from sensitivities or rosacea, there are a BUNCH of products they have formulated in their line especially for those skin types to ease the redness and inflamation. Every product is a pleasure to use and does what it says, at least the ones that I have used. Hugs and Kisses sweethearts!

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