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Monday, March 19, 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

Sin & Rehab complement one another quite nicely
 For quick and easy eyes, I gotta say I rather like the new Urban Decay Glide-On Shadow Pencils and the 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash is an awesome way to try out a few colors on sale for only $12.00 originally $34.00 at urbandecay.com. The stash has three nude/neutral colors and two vibrant colors. There's Clash-a bright turquoise with silver sparkle. Delinquent-a dark purple w/bright purple sparkle. Sin-a shimmering champangne. Juju-a frosted taupe which is brand new & only to be found in this set and my second favorite color, it's gorgeous really, and Rehab-described simply as a taupe but looks like more of a brown to me. They go on nice and creamy so you can blend, smoke, whatever you wish before they then set to be crease-proof, as well as waterproof. However they are not indestructible, for when I slept in mine I awoke to lopsided eyes unlike with my regular UD eyeshadows, with primer potion underneath of course which does not budge until I wash my face the next day should I fall asleep with it on. Which as you all know is a major skincare NO NO but, eh...no one's perfect! For a quick, warm look, in the pictures below I applied Sin to my lids and Rehab to the crease, and above the crease area as well as under the eyes. Up close you can see I made the mistake of not smudging and blending above the crease creating a harsh looking line. I Then lined my upper and lower lash lines with 24/7 Glide-On Eyepencil in Bourbon, a medium brown with tiny gold glitter, quite pretty glimmering in the light, and in record setting time. Heck I did my entire face in record setting time. Since I was going super casual, first I used Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer by Tarte, then a light dusting of Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder also by Tarte. Followed by my eyes which I just described. Then of course applying a cheek stain by Tarte in Ten, a limited edition collector's cheek stain in a shimmering pink color that looks fabulous on my light skin, also on one hell of a sale at tartecosmetics.com for only $19.00 originally $30.00 and when this gorgeous color is gone.....it's gone for good. This cheek stain's formulation is also different from the usual formula as this stain is one of the creamier ones which I found contains shea butter opposed to the gel stains which simply have the T5 Superfruit Complex. Just a little secret about shea butter, aside from being a vitamin packed moisture punch for the skin, and that is for all skin types, it acts as a vehicle to carry other beneficial ingredients further deep down into the epidermal layers than without it's aid. After quickly applying some cheek stain which takes literally 5 seconds. I chose a Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Imaginaire and ta-da! Done. Main point being though is I'm really glad I got to try these Urban Decay Glide-On Shadow Pencils, I like them a LOT. Hurry up and head over to urbandecay.com quick to catch the sale on the Pencil Stash and a bunch of other awesome deals on great items. Quick! Before all the good stuff is gone, even the latest Book of Shadows is on sale for a crazy low price. I however am planning to snatch up each full size gorgeous color Shadow Pencil that catches my fancy one by one to my heart's content. They are what Urban Decay says they are, creamy, blendable, crease-proof, and waterproof. As I stated before though, they may not hold up against a pillow yet overall still a wonderful product worth it's quite reasonable $20.00 pricetag. Till next time my darlings......I have a whole bunch of catching up to do and will even be posting pictures of swatches of Urban Decay's Book of Shadow's IV very soon, I haven't had the time to play around with them yet so unfortunately it'll be short n sweet but look out for it very soon possibly later today. Have a great day my darlings!!!  XOXO

Top to Bottom: Clash, Delinquent, Sin, Juju, & Rehab

The original 24/7 Glide-On Pencil

All 3 go together quite well
Tarte Cheek Stain in Ten, a Limited Edition Collector's Stain
Tarte smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder

The final result, quick & easy

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