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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tarte Smooth Operator Tinted Moisterizer

I simply cannot say enough about Tarte. There just are no words. See, for me writing about this company is almost within the same lines as writing a love letter, because I am head over heels in love with every single one of their products I have used. That's saying a lot because about 1/4 of my stash of makeup is from Tarte, and I have tried and owned products from just about any company you can imagine and not because I'm a snob or rich.... No, it's a love affair turned career path. Skincare products and makeup are my business, and having gone to school for it and making it my life like I said before, it's simply my business. It's not work to me because I'm doing what I love. Now with that clarified and out of the way, as long as Maureen Kelly the founder of the company keeps coming up with products that are sheer genius, I will continue to be a loyal patron till I breathe my last breath. Every single product is not only gorgeous but also good for your skin. Their face primer is anti-aging with an anti-aging foundation to go along with it. The illuminating serum along with a major slew of products contains perhaps one of nature's most amazing ingredients.....amazonian clay. Amazonian clay is also a main ingredient in the tinted moisturizer. I consider the tinted moisturizer to be more of a foundation for light to medium coverage because the coverage is simply that good while being completely lightweight on the skin and good for it. To top it all it contains an SPF of 20. What's not to happy dance about that? All the while being oil free and jam packed with a butt-load of extracts and vitamins that do wonders for the skin all while making it pretty. Could a company create anything lovelier? Fair skinned as I am I can swing between agent 02 and agent 06 because I do have yellow undertones due to being 1/2 Asian. Sound good to you yet? If so simply follow this link http://tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-smooth-operator-tinted-moisturizer you my darlings will  not be let down, go on....I dare you. If you need or demand more coverage, Tarte also makes a divine 12 hour full coverage amazonian clay foundation which when applied with this awesome bamboo handle brush they have makes it look as though it were airbrushed on without all the clunky machinery. I trust my facial skin only to tarte first and foremost, as well as Chanel, and Dior. C'mon, as though you couldn't tell I do like to spoil myself when I'm able to hehe ;) I could enclose pictures of this snazzy little gem but then again, just head over to the site and you will see that with this product the beauty lies within as well. Along with the fact that there is me acting as walking advertisement I'm wearing smooth operator tinted moisturizer in every picture except for reviews on Chanel from last year. Blissfully happy to say this stuff leaves my skin looking better and better each time I remove it. XOXO 

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